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Punchy! is the story of the wayward and conflicted George ‘Punchy’ Armstrong as he attempts to overcome the crimes of his young adulthood in post-war London. His path to transformation is witnessed by the alarming appearance of his Ego and Soul and their struggle to influence his decisions…

51 Ravens brings you a tough, poignant and innovative NEW musical! Expect a raucous, affecting night of ‘gig-theatre’ that will enlighten, amuse and move you in equal measure. There’s definitely no jazz hands and glitter here, as you drink in the sound of the on-stage band earning their keep in the Jameson’s Arms.

Composer Jack Terroni’s soundtrack is not beholden to the sound of the 1950s and beguiles the audience with a contemporary mix of powerful soul, indie rock and pop songs. This eclectic soundscape sets the tone for the curious characters of ‘Soul’ and ‘Ego’ to play with the very fabric of time and what it means to be human, in the heart of an ordinary working class London community. Can Punchy find his authentic self or will Ego lead him to a path of destruction?

★★★★ “...a musical that rips up the rulebook and stands in its own league”


Produced by 51 Ravens, Punchy! is written by Jack Terroni (Sylvia Anderson Award-Winning Composer) and Kevin McMahon (Kenneth Branagh Writing Award Winner). The soundtrack was executive produced by the late, great Steve Brown (West-End Composer of Spend! Spend! Spend!) Punchy! was developed using the Barrett Model of Consciousness, based on best-selling Author, Richard Barrett's 'What my Soul told me'. The original London production was Directed by Tiffany King (Respect: The Aretha Franklin Songbook)
"We're the punk
of musicals! Definitely, no jazz hands allowed!"
~ Jack Terroni
Jack Terroni Punchy!
"We're the punk
of musicals! Definitely, no jazz hands allowed!"
~ Jack Terroni

meet the creative team

Steve Brown

Steve executive produced Punchy! The Musical Soundtrack with Jack Terroni. Steve is a triple-platinum selling record producer with the album Seasons of My Soul by Rumer (Atlantic Records), followed by the acclaimed MOBO-winning artist Laura Mvula’s platinum debut Sing to the Moon for RCA. Theatre includes: music/lyrics for the musicals Spend Spend Spend (Evening Standard  and Critics’ Circle Awards for Best New Musical), and Tony! The Tony Blair Rock Opera at The Park Theatre, which opened in 2022 to a rapturous reception.

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Tiffany King

"Punchy's early life was defined by tragedy, circumstance and poor choices; painful snapshots of his life. It is easy to be so consumed by those snapshots, unable to zoom out to gain greater perspective that your life is not reduced to those moments alone. Punchy's resilience is our joy!" ~ Tiffany King

Tiffany is an experienced Director, Choreographer, Writer and Performer. Recent credits: directing, choreographing and writing the Concert show RESPECT: THE ARETHA FRANKLIN SONGBOOK which featured a stellar line-up of artists including Olivier Award winning Actress Amber Riley, Mica Paris, Jaki Graham and Cleopatra Higgins (UK Tour and Arena Tour)

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Richard Barrett

"This is a show everyone can relate to because we all have our inner fears and conflicts: we just don't talk about them. "Punchy!" brings these conversations alive spectacularly through the personification of his ego and soul. It is a story of the triumph of love over fear." ~ Richard Barrett

Richard Barrett is an author, presenter, coach and internationally recognised thought leader on the evolution of human values in business and society. His book 'What my Soul told me' is the source text upon which Punchy! is based.

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Kevin McMahon

"Although set in the first half of the twentieth century, Punchy! focuses on the timeless challenges facing young and vulnerable people. Whether it's the negative influence of a dysfunctional childhood or the corrosive peer pressure of today's social media - they must learn to trust a true voice amid the clamour: the voice of their Soul. ~ Playwright, Kevin McMahon

Kevin is a playwright and poet. His verse drama “The Claykickers’ Chorus” was a finalist of the 2018 Kenneth Branagh International Drama Writing Award, and was performed at the Windsor Fringe. His poetry has been published in several anthologies and broadcast by the BBC.

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Jack Terroni

"I didn't set out to write a musical, I've always been put off by the thought of jazz hands and glitter! If I was writing one, we had to do things differently. Punchy! is inspired by the real story of my Mother's working-class childhood in 1950s Islington. I was moved at how a young man with mental health challenges left home one day never to be seen again. Punchy! imagines what could have been if he followed the voice of his Soul and asks you to be courageous enough to do the same..." Jack Terroni (Producer/Composer)

Jack Terroni is an award-winning composer whose musical compositions have been honoured with the Sylvia Anderson Award at the esteemed Pinewood Film Studios, in London 2019. Jack and Punchy! has featured on the BBC and it is Jack's passion to bring forth musical works that accelerate the evolution of human consciousness. He lives in Brisbane, Australia with his fiancée Georgina and their barmy cat Nox!

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James Armstrong

James (Robert Allen) was born in 1899, his father served in WW1 and returned from the front as an emotional remote figure in James’ early life. Therefore, James grew up in a world lacking compassion. This was only compounded by the death of his wife Ava in childbirth, and his service in WW2. As a result, James adopts the drunken and brutal behaviours of his Father before him, and  transfers the same abuse to Punchy, who, despite being a strapping young man, is simply petrified of his Dad. Can their relationship be redeemed?

Robert Allen is a Londoner, born and bred having lived in the same road in Finchley for nearly 50 years! From a very early age I was schooled in all aspects of theatre and have acted in over 200 productions from historical to hysterical, from serious to silly and everything in-between! I am honoured to part of the first showing of Punchy!

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Doreen Lofthouse

Doreen (Eleanor Walsh) is somewhat of an ingenue, flattered and thirsty for attention. As her relationship with Punchy begins to strain, she can no longer contend with his drunken, unreliable antics and thus conceives dishonest plans to accomplish her dream of settling down.

Eleanor Walsh graduated from ArtsEd with a First in my BA Musical Theatre degree. She has worked in musical theatre and straight theatre in the West End, regional fringe venues and international tours. Industry awards: Offie Nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a Musical 2019

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Soul (Peter Parker Mensah) is the playful voice of reason amidst the clamour for Punchy’s welfare and offers him a broader perspective than his Ego. Soul gracefully encourages Punchy to expand into his authentic self. His techniques in this matter range from his good sense of humour to other more esoteric means…

Peter Parker Mensah originally from Accra and currently living in London. Trained with New York acting coach Michael Duvall at the Instinctual Acting school. Credits include The Informer, Citadel(2022 AMAZON series) and Bolan’s shoes (Feature). This is Peter’s stage debut and he is delighted to be part of this wonderful production to give an innovative and exciting portrayal of the character Soul.

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Ego (Jaymes Sygrove), the trickster! Initially an ardent inner critic of Punchy, Ego loves nothing more than to cajole, fret and berate him with diatribes of well-intended, yet, meaningless advice! Ego and Soul must reach a consensus, but can they align? Will Punchy see through Ego’s smokescreen of fearful hallucinations?

Jaymes can be seen in the role of Clarke Gable in the 2001 Edward Hall movie BLITHE SPIRIT starring Judi Dench. He premiered the lead role of Joseph Plunkett in OUR DAY WILL COME by Stephen Coll at the Golden Knight International Film Festival in Malta, and toured Europe in the coveted role of Paulina in Shakespeare's THE WINTERS TALE with The Festival Players Theatre Company.

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The Band

Dance, bop and rock the night away with the local house band, who appear on-stage in the Jameson’s Arms amongst the regulars.

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Frankie Brown

Frankie (Richie Brett) is the local Teddy Boy and leader of the pack. If he wants something, he takes it, no questions asked.

Richie recently graduated from the Courtyard Theatre Training Company with first class honours. In his most recent performance, he played the lead role of Hobson in Hobson’s Choice. He has a love for improv, modern and classical theatre, with a particular affection for comedic roles. Originally from South Shields, Richie spent much of his youth surfing the dark North Sea, binge watching sci fi-films, and playing the blues on his guitar.   

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Manny Cohen

Manny (Philip Gill) The kindly tailor in the local community, a man who has really known grief. Despite this, Manny understands that no matter how bad things look, you can always find love if you’re looking in the right places. Manny is just the right mentor for George, if only Punchy can heed his advice...

During Summer 2021 Philip Gill completed Eastern Angles tour of “Red Skies” in which he played author Arthur Ransome, before returning to London to play Jack in “Invisible Me” at the  New Wimbledon Studio Theatre.

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Olive Jameson

Olive (Fiona Kelly) embodies strength, courage and wisdom. Her hands are toughened with work as the resilient Matriarch of the community, and landlord of the Jameson's Arms. Olive's wish is to protect Edith from making similar mistakes with her life choices. This desire ,however, is outweighed only by Olive’s unwavering encouragement to help her daughter find real love and true fulfilment.

Fiona Maeve Kelly is an Irish actress and writer, living in the UK since 2016. Fiona trained at the Gaiety School of Acting, Ireland's National Theatre School, and completed a number of national tours with Mend & Makedo Theatre company, before making the move across the pond to the bright lights of London.

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George 'Punchy' Armstrong

George (Robert Hook) is a lost soul, raised in a poor and volatile environment; his preferred coping mechanism is a mix of whiskey, arrogance and selfish behaviour. He is seldom at ease. Despite this, there is a spark of light in George in the form of musical talent that he discreetly administers - a balm for the wounds of his childhood. We witness his quest to find his authentic self, with guidance from his community and friends… (both mortal and unworldly!)

Robert Hook, originally from a small village in Kent, jumped the pond to train as an actor at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts (AADA) in Los Angeles, combining training from both the UK and the US. Having been back in London for a few years, recent credits include PEAKY BLINDERS (Season 5), THE MILKMAN’S ON HIS WAY (Brighton Fringe) and I LIVE FOR YOU (Indie Feature)

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Edith Jameson

Edie (Lucy Penrose) Fiercely independent, self-assured and with a love of imported American R&B records, Edie is the graceful barmaid at her Mum's pub. Exuding wisdom and a fine singing voice, she encourages Olive to move with the times, introducing live music into their pub. Edith knows how capricious and bittersweet the world can be and thus remains guarded with Punchy despite holding a candle for him. Will they ever be compatible?

Hailing from the Isle of Man, Lucy Penrose attended Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts training in Acting. From there she has worked in all manner of productions, highlights include; her West End Debut in 2017, playing Young Judy Garland in 'Judy!' at the Arts Theatre, and playing Madge Hardwick, in 'Top Hat' with The Royal Court Theatre Company.

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